Supercharge your professional skills such as willpower, emotional intelligence, presentation, creativity, excellent performance and much more through acting concepts and techniques.


Your professional life either builds you up or tears you down. You have a responsibility to get the most out of life. Developing your professional skills is one of the best ways to do just that. It doesn’t matter whether you work for “corporate America,” for a non-profit organization, or for yourself, everyone can benefit from taking their life to the next level. Journey with me, explore all the things that make you tick, and find your purpose and ultimately your true self. You can turn your professional life into a masterpiece performance.

The skills developed through acting such as willpower, excellence, connection with people, communication, presentation, and overall performance are some of the best professional skills that can be developed. Let’s bridge the gap between who you are now and who you were meant to be. Let’s increase our productivity, output, professional skills, and value. Let’s dream big and live well. Welcome to Life is a Play!

Acting Techniques Applied to Life – Willpower from Acting

Acting Techniques Applied to Life – Willpower from Acting Play in new window | DownloadWelcome to the very first episode of Life is a Play Podcast. This episode...

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