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Do you like the idea of being a passionate professional? Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were living life fully, with purpose and intention? It’s time to improve work situations, presentations, and business relationships and create a masterpiece out of your career. Life is a Play is not about being fake – it is the opposite. It is about taking your authentic self and bringing YOU and your career to the next level. Whatever your career, relationships, dreams and aspirations may be, we can all better develop every aspect of our professional lives through acting techniques. To you, your life is the greatest performance of all, and that’s why life is a play.

About the Author

Samuel HeadshotSamuel Hatton works at an IT company in Berkeley, CA. He appreciates the challenges that come along with each of his marketing projects. Samuel enjoys dating his wife, improv comedy, live theatre, swing dancing, and jamming on the ukulele. He also loves working on meaningful projects, so the majority of his personal time goes into Life is a Play. Samuel is committed to daily habits that move him closer to his dreams. He believes that everyone is destined for greatness, all we have to do is reach out and grab it.

Life Script: A Journal on the Web or A Leather Bound Journal

Life Script: A Journal on the Web or A Leather Bound Journal

When it comes to live theatre plays, great performances almost always start with a script. Without the script there is no play. There is no story. There is no performance. And if each of our lives were plays, where is our script? The beautiful thing about life is that...

Work and Fun can Coexist: Fun at Work Ideas

Work and Fun can Coexist: Fun at Work Ideas

When you hear the word "work" or "job" do you get excited? What about the words "homework" or "chore?" If you answered "yes," regarding any of these words then you are among the few who tie work with something that is positive. For the rest of us, I’ve outlined three...

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on how acting can authentically empower the following areas of your professional life:

  • Willpower
  • Motivation
  • Presentations
  • Performance
  • Interviewing
  • Getting promotions
  • Customer interactions
  • Difficult conversations
  • and more!