Every single person’s life is a story in itself. I’ve said before that you are the main character of your own story. If this concept is taken further, you can use the power of story to write your destiny. If you allow the dreams that you have for your future to influence your decisions, you have a shot at reaching your destiny. Your destiny can be defined as the future that you choose for yourself. We each have a lot of dreams about where our life can go. It’s the actions that we take toward those dreams that help us to define our destiny.

Write Your Destiny with Opportunity

If we keep our dreams at the forefront of our minds and hearts, our eyes will see the opportunities toward those dreams. Essentially we will see opportunities we need to use to be able to write our destiny.

Life is a Play Podcast Episode 006 Covers the Following:

  • News about shutting down the Life is a Play Podcast
  • Using story to shape your destiny
  • Taking ownership of your destiny
  • How to see more opportunities

References Mentioned

write-your-destiny-with-the-power-of-story-300x300ASI Peak Adventures – The job I had in college on Sacramento State University campus where I lead several groups of youth, college students, and organizations through team-building programs. I also spent time as an outdoor leader and went through raft guide training.

Concluding thoughts

Opportunity is all around us. Knowing what you want for your life helps you to see those opportunities. Another way to say that is if you keep your dreams and thoughts about your destiny in the forefront of your mind, you will see opportunities for that destiny to come into fruition. Without a destined future, opportunities pass on by, without us even knowing it.

What are some of your dreams?

What are some things that you can see yourself doing in the future AND that you would enjoy? I’d love to hear about some of the dreams that you have for your life. It’s acknowledging your dreams that allow opportunities to come. Share in the comments below.

Who knows, just by posting a comment online, opportunities may begin to open up.

If I were to answer that question for myself I would say that my dreams are to be a public speaker, an actor, an owner of a profitable business, a millionaire, a philanthropist, a teacher who trains up future generations in ethical business.